One of a kind and the only luxury house with a unique fourth generation heritage in the art of exotic leathers, founder Ethan Koh’s eponymous luxury label Ethan K was Incepted in 2011 while Ethan was still a student at Central St. Martins, the subtle nuances of Ethan K captured the hearts of notable luxury connoisseurs around the world from royalty, celebrities to titans over the years.

Paying homage to the designer’s native Singapore through exotic colors and whimsical clasps encrusted with semi precious stones, every Ethan K creation is unique and unexpected.

Ethan K can currently be found in some of the world’s best stores at Harrods in London, L’Eclaireur in Paris, TsUM in Moscow, Saks Fifth Avenue in the USA while collectors in the inner circle enjoy an exclusive bespoke service and leather selection through a private consultation.

Today, the Ethan K label has entered into a new era with its ‘Essentials’ range. Fostering inclusivity whilst respecting its DNA, the tightly curated series of styles are created with the modern consumer in mind. With our multi faceted lives, the pieces are crafted thoughtfully with respect to the variety of materials used, focusing on smart, ergonomic design.